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Name215F20 Comparative Electoral Politics: Institutions, Parties and Voters
Language Engelsk
Course levelKandidat
Department Institut for Statskundskab
Related educations
Course code431192U059
TeacherElad Klein
Course type Tomplads Ordinær Udveksling
FacultyAarhus BSS
Course catalogue id98451

Description of qualifications:

<p>The course discusses classic issues in electoral politics. In particular, it examines the predictors of vote choice and legislator behaviour in the context of electoral systems.</p> <p>The course contains three core elements:</p> <p><em>Institutions</em>: The first part of the course provides a comprehensive overview of political institutions focusing on the electoral incentives they provide, including typology, design and their effects on political behaviour.</p> <em>Voter behaviour</em>:&#160;This substantial element deals with voting behaviour and how it is affected by the incentives set by the electoral systems. It covers:<br /> <ul> <li>Issue Voting</li> <li>Voter participation</li> <li>Economic voting</li> <li>Strategic voting</li> <li>Minority and gender voting</li> </ul> <p><em>Parties and&#160;and elite-voter linkages</em>: This part mainly discusses how electoral incentives influence politician strategies, and it covers:</p> <ul> <li>Issue polarisation</li> <li>Party identification</li> <li>Legislative voting in parliament</li> </ul>


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