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Name103E19 Leadership, Motivation and Performance
Language Dansk
Course levelKandidat
Department Institut for Statskundskab
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Course code431192U040
TeacherAnne Mette Kjeldsen and Rebecca Risbjerg Nørgaard
Course type Tomplads Ordinær
FacultyAarhus BSS
Course catalogue id94449

Description of qualifications:

<p><span lang="EN-US">Public leadership is not a simple enterprise. Public managers must be able to motivate the employees. Public managers must be able to ensure that the employees&#8217; delivery of services is both effective and efficient &#8211; without demotivating the employees (e.g. by excessive monitoring of what the employees do). Public managers must also understand the employees&#8217; professional norms and values, and they must be able to utilise the employees&#8217; motivation to do good for others and society. At the same time, public managers are an integral part of a larger political hierarchy wherein they must be able to navigate and act proactively.</span></p> <p><span lang="EN-US">In recent years, IFSK has hosted several large-scale research projects that offer cutting-edge knowledge about public sector leadership and motivation, and the Crown Prince Frederik&#8217;s Center for Public Leadership now hosts a number of these research projects. The seminar draws and expands on this knowledge. The students will attain an advanced and in-depth insight into leadership, motivation and performance. They will also develop their own leadership skills through systematic and hands-on leadership training. Participation in the leadership training will involve a positive spill-over effect in the form of a better understanding of the research literature on leadership development. &#160;</span></p> <p><span lang="EN-US">Please note that the seminar is highly demanding in terms of student competences, expected work effort and time investment. Students will have to complete various assignments and exercises both prior to and after each class session. As a special offer, we moreover establish collaboration with a corresponding IFSK leadership-training course for actual public managers. This collaboration entails that the students are teamed up with a public manager, thus having a tangible public organisation in which to apply and develop their leadership knowledge and skills. In addition, the students will receive comments from the public manager and be trained in giving feedback to that manager&#8217;s action plans concerning present organisational challenges and issues. Succeeding with the student-manager collaboration requires that the students are highly committed to engage in a professional and constructive dialogue with the managers. </span></p> <p><span lang="EN-US">Many Political Science graduates become managers in the public sector. A part of this seminar&#8217;s purpose is to prepare the students for a potential managerial career. This is the first reason for combining a research focus on leadership, motivation and performance with a practitioner-oriented perspective on good leadership. The second reason is that personal leadership qualifications as well as insights into real-life public leadership improve the ability to evaluate and perform scientific analyses of leadership and motivation. </span></p> <p><span lang="EN-US">The seminar consists of three course modules with weekly class sessions. In each of these three modules, we will have two consecutive weekdays with 3-hour class sessions (2*3 hours). Both the oral examination and adjoining synopsis are in English. However, the ability to discuss and write about leadership, motivation and performance in Danish is trained in case discussions and in the development of an action plan (which is part of the Module 2 student-manager collaboration). Insights from the action plan can be discussed at the oral examination. The teaching language will thus vary between English and Danish. While discussions of the international research literature are in English, the application of these insights on Danish cases is in Danish &#8211; to prepare the students for providing Danish practitioners with insights about leadership, motivation and performance.</span></p> <p><span lang="EN-US">The seminar serves as useful preparation for future thesis work. Many salient research questions about public leadership and motivation are still understudied or unexamined. For example, what kind of leadership leads to the best results in certain types of public organisations? How do public managers avoid demotivating their employees? How do different leadership strategies work? What are the associations between leader behaviour, employee motivation and organisational goal attainment? How do top managers deliver leadership to employees through (middle) managers? As part of the work with the students&#8217; synopses, we will train competences for proposing and testing relevant research questions.</span></p>


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